Lawn Maintenance

Lawns help beautify the neighborhood & creates a relaxing space of natural beauty. Grassy areas quickly affect people's moods by creating feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness or happiness. Its yearly cycles of growth and color changes, lift human spirits and link urban inhabitants with their countryside heritage. Also lawns have a cooling effect on a house and is on of the safest playing surfaces.

We offer weekly lawn maintenance for as little as $25/week!  

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Bluestone Gardens & Landscape employs the best practices to keep your landscape healthy and looking its best. We strive to help retain the beauty and value of your property. When we begin your project we do a careful site analysis and address each issue to maintain and improve the health and beauty of your landscape.  Bluestone Gardens & Landscape LLC  works with you to develop long-term plans and budgets to address your comprehensive landscape maintenance needs.
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