Sod & Seed

Sod- Our landscape company uses quality Central Oregon grown sod. We have the know-how to make sure it is installed properly, and the efficiency to get it done quickly!  

Seed- Maybe sod isn’t the best option for you. Not to worry, here at Bluestone we are experts at seeding as well.

There are a couple of option you have to create a healthy lawn. 
1. The fastest way and most effective way is by laying sod. When sod is laid the area is ready for regular activities in about 1-2 weeks.
2. A slower but less expensive way to grow your lawn is by seeding the area. Seeding usually takes about 2-3 months until the lawn is established and you can not really guarantee that there will not be area where the seed did not grow because it is hard to control the environment with animals, children, and weather conditions. 
3. The third option is to lay sod in the area or areas where it is needed most and seed or over seed the areas where there is less traffic.
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